The Art of Sailing

Although I have been busy editing video, I still find time to write when I can. I wrote the following article for Harba last week. They are a small European startup serving the maritime industry. I hope you enjoy!


Sailing has captivated the hearts of many, and I am no exception. One reason this may be that the art of sailing is one thing that remains constant in an ever-changing world. If you have ever visited a marina and strolled down a dock of boats, it is easy to become captivated by these man-made objects. Feelings of not only nostalgia but also of wanderlust surface as you gaze over all the rigging, lines, blocks and tackle that enable these vessels to harness the power of nature in order to propel them through the Earth’s mighty and majestic waters. It is because of this; I feel that sailing remains as one of the purest ways to explore this beautiful world.

It was only three years ago when I bought my sailboat “Cascadia”. She is a Cape Dory 30; a small, but stout cutter rigged sloop designed by the late Carl Alberg.She wasn’t the largest or the prettiest boat on the dock, as she had seen nearly three decades of life at sea, but that was also three decades of memories and life changing experiences that she may have provided to anyone that was lucky enough to step foot on her deck. From that first day I took ownership of her, it is my belief that I fell in love with sailing before I had even thrown off my first dock line as I remember sitting in “Cascadia” and thinking: “This is the life for me”.

I had decided that sailing would not be a simple pastime. It would be the means in which I would discover more about life and myself than I ever could imagine. Last July, I embarked on what may be the greatest journey of my life. After 9200 miles, two continents, and countless unheard foreign lands and cultures… I can safely say that there is still more in which I wish to discover and sailing is what will help me discover it.

The Art of Sailing



Author: Andrew Stephens

A Pacific Northwest native and recent graduate from Seattle University, Andy is currently sailing his 30′ Cape Dory sailboat around the world. You can find more information him by visiting his website or on his YouTube channel.

4 Comments on “The Art of Sailing

  1. Well said Andy. You seem to really have a good grasp of the essence of sailing. It is the aesthetic nature of sailing that makes it an art form as much as a hobby, a sport, or even a way of life.

    That you for helping a new generation of up-and-coming sailors see the beauty and wonder of this thing that is so connected to nature, and all it’s majesty.

  2. Great blog Andy ! I can tell that it came from someone who is walking the walk. I think I would enjoy reading more blogs like this, Fair winds !! B

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