Solo Sailing from Cebu to Borneo!

It feels good to be back on the water again! After several weeks stuck in a filipino boatyard (it’s as bad as it sounds), Cascadia and I set sail to the magical isle of Borneo passing through some of the most pristine and arguably most dangerous waters in the world. It was a beautiful, stressful, and sleep deprived passage all wrapped into one. Probably my favorite passage thus far.¬†Going forward, I plan on traveling to southern Borneo, and from there head west to Singapore and then up to Phuket. Of course this is all tentative, but that’s what my next couple months look like.¬†Anyways, here is the footage from my latest passage. I hope you enjoy!

Author: Andrew Stephens

A Pacific Northwest native and recent graduate from Seattle University, Andy is currently sailing his 30′ Cape Dory sailboat around the world. You can find more information him by visiting his website or on his YouTube channel.

2 Comments on “Solo Sailing from Cebu to Borneo!

  1. What an amazing piece of film work. You have really improved your operation. The video was so interesting!!! It gave such a graphic idea of the difficulties of sailing and the challenges you must face and also the beauty of what you see and experience personally. Wow!! Loved it. Also, loved the music and the sunset scene. Happy to see you are still living the dream and safe. In case things really do to hell, and you have another long pause in the trip, I will be in Bangkok on January 8. Be well.

    1. Kim! so good to hear from you! Glad you liked my last vid. Definitely been having my share of challenges. Just dropped the hook 15 miles north of the Brunei Border. Tomorrow I’ll sail into town to try to source out whatever I can find for my push across the South China Sea over to Singapore. My plan is then to sail up to Thailand before jumping over to Sri Lanka this summer, so I’m really hoping I don’t run into this January, haha!

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