Sailing to Palau

This was our last island country on our crossing of the Pacific. With it’s unique archipelago geography, western infrastructure, and rich Pacific culture; Palau was a great place to stop after sailing 2000 miles across Micronesia.

Author: Andrew Stephens

A Pacific Northwest native and recent graduate from Seattle University, Andy is currently sailing his 30′ Cape Dory sailboat around the world. You can find more information him by visiting his website or on his YouTube channel.

3 Comments on “Sailing to Palau

  1. Hi Andy ! U have me confused. U stopped posting, so I dropped Patreon, thought your voyage was complete. Are you still at it or are you done? Are you sailing back to Seattle or selling the boat, or what? Bruce in Florida

    1. Hi Bruce! Still sailing around the world. I Had to fly back to Seattle to get my transmission rebuilt once I arrived in Cebu. Internet connection in Micronesia is pretty rare, so I couldn’t post that much while I was actively sailing, but now I have a backlog of amazing footage from my Pacific crossing. I Should be setting sail from the Philippines by the end of the month, probably headed to Palawan and then maybe South to Borneo or North to Taiwan. Thanks for checking in!

      1. That explains why your sat phone says its in Everett 😀 Will rejoin Patreon asap and I look forward to your future uploads. Enjoy!! Bruce/SW Florida

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