I planned to leave on Tuesday July 11th 2016, which only gave me about two weeks to get Cascadia ready for her first trip across the pacific. I was in a hurry to get her ready as the strength and frequency of the hurricanes are planned to increase as the water temperature warms up, yet I still had some important tasks to be done before I felt she was ready. I lived on Cascadia for nearly three years and she was already outfitted for extended cruising so most of my tasks were routine maintenance such as replacing filters, changing the oil, making things water tight, and scrubbing the hull. However, I also did do some much needed upgrades to for this trip. Among them were replacing the tired battery bank with a new 4x100ah 12 volt system and installing 2×50 watt solar panels to charge them during the day. In addition, to sail efficiently downwind, I purchased and installed a heavy duty whisker pole from Forespar. I also installed new “Cascadia” and hailing port decals to meet new regulations after documenting my boat with the Coast Guard. However, by far what I feel was the best addition to Cascadia was the purchase of the InReach satellite transceiver from Delorme. So far it has worked flawlessly at sending texts, receiving weather, and tracking my location…it certainly eases both my family’s and my apprehension from being out in the middle of the ocean.

Author: Andrew Stephens

A Pacific Northwest native and recent graduate from Seattle University, Andy is currently sailing his 30′ Cape Dory sailboat around the world. You can find more information him by visiting his website or on his YouTube channel.

8 Comments on “Pre-departure!

  1. Your website is very very cool . I had forgotten all the many things you done in preparation for your journey. The description of your need to leave is almost poetic. Bon voyage

  2. Let me know if you’ll be stopping in Guam. Have a friend who runs the marina on the navy base that might be able to hook you up, a Retired BM.
    Have a safe trip

  3. There are boats in harbors all over the world with owners dreaming to sailing away, and never do. Congratulations for casting off. If you decide to stop in Monterey instead of San Francisco (much, much easier entry, cheaper and one day closer to Hawaii) give me a call. Dinner on me. Craig Hirt 831-402-0837. Brett A’s uncle, living aboard a Vega 27 in Monterey’s outer harbor moorings.

    1. Hey Craig, thank you for the encouragement and I will probably take you up on that offer of dinner if I get down there. I just pulled into Crescent City for some repairs, but will be taking off tomorrow for SF for parts and waiting on weather to depart to Hawaii. If it looks like the hurricanes won’t let up, I’ll probably just continue south towards Northern Mexico.

  4. Your dad said u are going to Christmas island. I spent 6 days there jad a great time. Also heard I gpt water in fuel ? Must of got bad gas take lots of filters as can be hard to come.Christmas island has great bay kust need to find way over reef. Nest of luck George

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